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Ratman, Vol. 1 Inui Sekihiko 9781427817457 Books

This Book is Great! Imagine if you will (Sorry for the twilight zone starter) you are a Boy how always dreamed of being a Super Hero, the problem is that you are 

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Hijiri Midou Ratman Wiki FANDOM powered by Wikia

He asks Ratman if he seriously injured A Rank Hero Ankaiser. accuracy with, but also uses a small sword that is strong enough to cut through Ratman's claws.

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Ratman (manga) Wikipedia

The president of the Hero's Association, making him in charge of assigning registered heroes their missions and regulating 

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Ratman Manga MyAnimeList.net

Jun 26, 2007 Looking for information on the manga Ratman He wants to emulate his favorite super hero, Mr. Thunder, but instead he gets teased all the time for his height and he can't win any Synonyms Ratman The smallest hero!

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The Birth of Smallest Hero Ratman Wiki FANDOM powered by Wikia

The Birth of Smallest Hero is Chapter 1 of the manga series Ratman. We are introduced to the

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