Welcome to the National Anti Corruprtion Investigation Bureau’s (NACIB) Website. People think that Corruption simply means Bribery in general understanding, It is more than that. Corruption Means Injustice, misuse or disorder in morality, monetary, mental , Physical etc. Corruption Of any Kind are nuisances to the society.

Corruption is the root cause of all the evils in the society. It hampers progress. It brings unhappiness. It Brings war. Corruption brings Crime in society.Across all India to hell identify, prevent, solve and reduce Corruption & Crime. We Work against all type of Corruption , Crime and other illegal work under Indian Govt. penal act.

So it’s a high time for all the thoughtful people to come for stopping this social menace called Corruption . So let’s go, fight against corruption and help us to make our country Corruption free. Join us to make our society Corruption free and safe. We will give a powerful support for working good social work for our greater country India.

"Corruption is a problem
you may have Solution"

! ! ! Jai Hind ! ! !

Reeta Singh
National Chairman
National Anti Corruption Investigation Bureau

If you are not affected today
you will be affected tomorrow

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